Friday, 28 September 2012

Last Slice

After 8 years of drawing Mr Hodges' adventures in and around south London, Time Out becomes free and the last Slice of Life is sliced and axed.
Theres been good times, bad times, drunken brawls, jazz sex, sperm fairys, hoodies, murder hounds, pavements strewn with chicken bones, angry red dog's balls, happy pink squirrel's balls, Boris Johnson in speedos, booze, dog poo, childbirth, tube bombs, art galleries, foxes, traffic jams, lunatics, ancient stone penises, spitting, poledancers, parrots, nazi art students, Darth Vader police vans, good deeds and bad deeds, Croydon riots and everything.
A big thanks to Hidge for 8 years of fabulous award winning writing - Its been brill and always exciting!
And of course another big thanks to Richard, Sim, Ellen, Anamaria, and everyone at Time Out for giving me the opportunity, putting up with my mad layout ideas and pestering.
Raise a glass of a pint of wine! 
Heres to Slice of Life, cheers!

Sunday, 16 September 2012


Piranha, Scarecrow, and Scream Teas - a week in Devon and Dorset.