Friday, 22 February 2013

2 Weirdos

Heres two pictures featured in my Weird Whitstable exhibition..... come and see if you believe!
In the summer of 1935, sunbathers and holiday makers witnessed a sea serpent near Herne Bay. It was chased away by local boats, but it still lives!

In the icy winter of 1940, the sea’s waves froze in shape, and formed ice mountains.
You can see in the photograph, local climbing clubs using them for practice.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Weird Whitstable is coming....

Very excited to be on the cover of the Kent Messenger's Whats On section this week!
Its been several years of collecting stories and artefacts, but at last theres enough to prove to the sceptics that theres a darker side to Whitstable just round the bend. Beyond the slippy oysters and whopping whippy ice creams, in the shadows, when the Londoners have returned to Hackney, peculiar things emerge. Eerie sounds echo down the ancient streets. The howling..... the clip-clop of undead ponies.... the tinkling of china tea sets from out at sea. Oh my gawd! Draw the curtains! Don't look!
Do look, I dare you!
Weird Whitstable is on display from 13 February until 31 March, at Whitstable's Horsebridge Gallery 3.
Come along, prepare to quiver....

Many thanks to Chris Price, who wrote this piece for the paper.

UPDATE! Weird Whitstable has been delayed for unexplained reasons. 
The show will now open on Saturday 16th February......